Saturday, July 30, 2011

Responses to the BIG Chop!

A lot of naturals can relate to eachother when it comes to doing the "BIG Chop." Some of us put so much thought and preparation into it, while others may have just chopped off their locks in the spare of the moment. Whatever the case may be, most of us can relate.

When I did my big chop on November 11, 2009, I had no idea that I would actually cut my hair that day. The day before, I had cut off a small section in the back of my hair to see what my curl pattern was, and I loved it! I was tired of the transition period. Tired of holding onto dead, damaged, relaxed strands.

After I cut my hair, my mother saw me and went BUZZURK!!!! My entire family was very upset with me. Some of them barely talked to me for a while, and for the ones that did, they always had something negative to say. I got so many negative comments from most of my family, but I also got a lot of support from my sisters and friends. Yes, it hurt that my family didn't support me, but I really didn't care because I did what I wanted to do for me! People have always tried to define me because of my hair. My family and friends always made a big deal of how beautiful and long my hair was, and as soon as I cut it, they felt it was like a death sentence to my appearance.

Cutting my hair didn't make me any less beautiful, but I believe it made me moe beautiful! I was unleashed, and I was finally doing something for me! Everyone is fine now. My hair grows super fast, and within months to a year, my hair went from a short TWA to shoulder length, then down my back. Now I am on my healthy hair journey this time. I did a second big chop, and my hair is thriving already! So be encouraged if you are natural or are thinking about going natural. It is YOUR hair, and YOUR decision! Don't let other people's opinions hurt you or break you. Trust me, your hair will love you for listening to her!

So what about you ladies? How did people respond to your big chop?

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